Friday, April 19, 2013

Recent Obessions

While I was away I  discovered some new/ re-discovered some old things lately and can't get enough of them!

Cosabella - Never Say Never Thong
Does anyone else have the problem of finding a panty that they really like, buying a bunch and then a year later when you go back to re-stock they're discontinuted or "re-styled"?  Needless to say that just happened to me with my favorite Honeydo style. Holding back a minor emotional breakdown in the Bloomingdales intimates section I wandered over to the Cosabella table. I'd seen and heard about them before by the One-Size-Fits-All thing kind of weirded me out. I decided to see what the hype is all about and it's official. I LOVE THEM! I'm going back for more tonight!

Schick Hydro Silk
I got this razor as a free sample with one of the purses I bought to take to Europe. I had made it my travel razor, and I remember thinking it was great on vacation because I only had to shave my legs twice a week as opposed to everyday normally. I kind of forgot about it, but I rediscovered it when I was home for Christmas. Even after spending 6 months packed away under my bed it still worked amazingly! I've officially made my Venus my "travel razor" and this lady has a permanent place in my shower!

LaLine Vanilla Patchouli Room Spray
A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the Laline store on Chestnut and their amazing vanilla patchouli scented jar candles. Unfortunately,  for some reason, they no longer make the candles but they do still have the scent in room spray. I had bought a couple a while ago, but they got lost in the mess that is my nightstand drawer. I was organizing this weekend and found them! I like to spray a little on my sheets after I make my bed and then scent seems to last a little longer.

Fresh Popped Popcorn
There is just something satisfying about popcorn made on the stove. I don't know if it is because its lighter or crunchier but it is so much better than bagged. I made my first batch of kettle korn last weekend and it was a success, but my favorite toppings have to be truffle oil and parmesan!

Origins Check and Balances Face Wash
I used this all through college and into 'real life', but I switched last year when I started to get acne, which I'd never had in my life. I immediately assumed I needed something tougher to tackle that job. After several dermatologist visits, 2 prescriptions and every face wash that contained some sort of salicylic acid I've come back to Checks and Balances. Everything I tried either left my face dry and peeling, turned my sensitive skin into a plump red cherry or, oddly enough, made my face super shiny.
Checks and Balances leaves it clean feeling and moisturized without all the irritation! I did start using their Out of Trouble mask and have been very pleased at how well it controls my breakouts (and smells good too!)!

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