Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap

Although I don't know if I'd say it started out great, I would have to say I had quite an amazing, fun-filled, just-what-I-needed weekend!

It started with a "I'm a grown up" trip to Home Depot, Ikea and Target.  Where I picked up some things I've been eyeing for my room.

Finally settled on a rug, found a 12" drop bed skirt (shipped directly from egypt), picked up my new nightstand that I'm painting a metallic champagne.

Although, now I'm thinking of completely re-doing the layout of my room so we'll see how much progress.

Saturday night I put together snacks for Sunday's outing (will get to shortly) and  I got drinks with a couple girlfriends I haven't seen in a while and it was so great to catch up!!

Sunday I was invited by a friend to join her for the Opening Day Celebration at the San Francisco Yacht Club. With all the recent rain I was worried, but it was absolutely beautiful and just what I needed. Got to wear sperry's for their actual purpose and cute nautical stripes too! We chatted, ate delicious food, enjoyed a Pimms Cup or  2, sat in the sunshine and...cheated a bit by taking out the motor boat for a quick ride. I was so exhausted I went straight to bed when I got home.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Relationship Rules

Another one of the life events that unfolded in the early part of this month was that the BF and I decided to take some space from each other to think about the relationship. I've been working pretty hard on myself the last few years, figuring out how I work etc. Like we all do in our twenties.  Entering into my first serious relationship in the last year, has had an impact on my work and vice versus. In addition to myself getting in the way, I've been trying to figure out where and how I want a relationship to fit into my life. I've made some great strides over our 'break' and will spare you the details. However, I saw this post by Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work I follow and could not agree more.  

The things that make my relationship whole aren't necessarily going to be the things that make my best friend's relationship work, just as the things that keep my parents' marriage growing aren't necessarily going to be the things that keep someone else's marriage growing.

I think it good to remind ourselves that too, that sometimes a relationship isn't about what 'should' be because it 'should' be about what just is.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Uber Drama and Safety Cat

To say the least, these past few weeks I've been 'dealing'. A lot has happened some stemming from my vacation blues, others from other happenings in my life. Most notably and timed perfectly with the launch of their "safety fee", I was locked in a uber suv with & by the driver and I wanted to share my story.

I have been a HUGE supporter of Uber Cab service. You may remember me mentioning I needed to cut back a few times. The week of the incident I spent near $200 on uber's alone.  One of my favorite things about the service was that in addition to being more reliable that San Francisco cabs, it also seemed safer. It takes the whole standing on a corner alone at 2am trying to get a cab to pick you up out of life, you know who the driver is and have records through the company at your finger tips. Uber has also always been very responsive to any complaints or comments I send in.

2 weekends ago at the end of the night, a friend of mine kindly ordered me an uber. I was a little emotional due to events of the evening, but definitely had my wits about me #smartgirlsknowwhentocallitanight. Throughout the ride I was talking to the driver about my night. He seemed sweet enough, but upon arrival at my house he drove to the opposite end of my block....which coincidently doesn't have any street lights and began to parallel park. I asked him what was going on and he said he was pulling over so we could talk, that he was 'single', could offer some perspective and then asked me to climb over the partition to the front seat. I refused, said I was waiting for a phone call from my friend and had to get going. The driver then locked the doors and himself crawled through the partition to the backseat.  Around that time my friend was calling and I once again told him that my friend was calling and I needed to be let out. He told me to answer the call and tell her I'd call her back. I hit ignore, I don't know if it was out of defense or what. Part of me tells me that maybe I should have picked up the call, but after seeing me do that he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I tried to grab it back but he held on and at that point I said, more sternly than I had said before, if he didn't let me out I was going to break a window and report this to uber. He climbed back through the partition and unlocked the doors and (kindly?) opened mine to let me out. As I was walking away, he grabbed my arm and asked for my phone number. I again refused and he then gave me his card if I 'decided I want to talk more'. Being disgusted and focusing on calling my friend back, I threw the card away.

I have reported the incident to uber, but they haven't been able to identify the driver yet. They needed the account holder's name, which I gave them. Then after 2 follow ups they got back to me saying they needed the account holder's phone number and had credited my account a whole $10! Thats where things are right now.

I was shocked to see I was not the only victim,  that just by googling uber one of the first results to come up was this article ! The author had a similar response by uber.  I've been doing my best to deal, although it took me a few days to even feel comfortable enough in closed spaces to get on BART to go to work.  I know it isn't everyone who is like this, but it shatters your safe-feeling when something like this happens. My roommate was just gifted Safety Cat for Easter and I've already put in my order! They're cute, fit on your key chain and are easier to use in a locked vehicle than pepper spray.

Stay safe ladies!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sail to Sable

I bought my first Sail to Sable dress about a month ago and am officially obsessed. I took it on a trip down to Palm Springs. The classic tunic cut is so elegant, flattering and easy to dress up or down. I bought the Libby (on sale now!) which was silk and perfect for the hot desert evenings.

I bring this up 1) because they just had a beautiful feature in April's Matchbook Magazine (PS I want to get Jennifer to come decorate my house!) and 2) because they're having a sale on their resort collection. Just in time for summer vacations or late spring getaways!

 I love the 'Fabulous Fringe' sleeveless, in this fun bright yellow!

 And how cute is the 'Shady Days Tunic Dress!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vacation Blues

It might be the vacation blues, it might be that I don't feel completely settled in the new place quite yet, but I am definitely having one of those days.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Paleo-ish Strong!

I've been doing "paleo" for about 2 whole months now. I say "paleo" because I sometimes eat gluten/aka delicious carbs, but have been trying to stick to veggies, protein and some fruit 98% of the time. Also, if I do eat junk I make sure I know every word on the ingredients list....and yes, I technically know what high fructose corn syrup is, but I stay away :).

I've been feeling great! I went a little hard core the 2 weeks before my Junior League event and did zero carbs or sugar. It was hard, but I was feeling great. After 2 weeks of being amazing at eating healthy and working out, I decided I could indulge on a scone or cookie....or bag of milanos here and there :)

That was last week and I crashed. Hard. Core. I was either exhausted or so amped up on sugar that I couldn't focus. I never knew what I wanted to eat. My tummy was constantly full, yet my head was constantly hungry (carb addiction). This used to be a normal feeling for me and seeing the differences really made me see how much better I feel focusing on Paleo and I'm looking forward to continuing it.

I need to figure out how though. I no longer live DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from a grocery store. What's this 'meal planning' business people do?