Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {aka have you cried today?}

I'm definitely a traditional vows kind of girl, but I think there are couples that the write-your-own works amazingly for. If you have an energy and are clear on your feelings, it really helps to make your wedding 'your wedding'.  A couple at a a wedding that I went to this summer did this, it was the first wedding I'd been too where they wrote their own vows and it was absolutely magical. You could feel their love for each other and energy everywhere. There was not a dry eye in the house.
Whitney and Brian's Video brought this all back to me. You can feel their love and the love everyone deserves to have.

Whitney + Brian | McCall, Idaho wedding film from Sarah Pendergraft on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Flats that will Change your Life!

I'd been hearing about tieks for about a year now and when I got a gift card in a event gift bag I knew I had to try them out! 

  • Tieks are designer flats that you can fold to fit in your purse or wear all day, every day.  Each pair is individually crafted and made from the finest Italian leathers.  Our signature Tiek Blue stripe and Tiek Blue non-skid rubber soles accent each pair.  To learn more about Tieks, visit our About Us page. 

They come in such fun colors and patterns, but for my first pair I wanted to keep with the classics. I couldn't decide between the nude and the black, but I ordered a black pair and they turned out to be too small. I was going to exchange for a bigger size, but something kept calling me back to the nude. I called them {and talked to an actual person!} and they said they would send me the bigger size in the nude so I could compare and not charge me for 10 days (think). They came very quick, I ended up going with nude and sent the black back. 

They are so comfortable and go with all most everything! Inside each box you get a little drawstring sack that they fold up and you can keep in your purse if you want too, for resting your toes after a night out!

They come in the cutest box with a sparkly little flower on top!

Also, each of my packages came with the sweetest, personalized, handwritten note!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I have a mild obsession with watching wedding videos and have been going back and forth about revealing it on here. Happy, sad, mad...whatever they are such mood lifters. This is one of my favorites, Elysium Production's 2010 Demo Reel. I think I have to owe my addiction to them. You should check out their blog if you're interested in them as well.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oscar's Night

Last night's Met Gala was truly Oscar De La Renta's night. Every gown I saw that created an instant urge to purchase (you know, for like wearing to to grocery store and stuff) I would scroll to the bottom of the picture and the designer was Oscar De La Renta.   His gowns have a sleek, elegant look with a classic flare of drama. Perfect for an event like the Met Gala....or Safeway.

Here are some of my absolute favorites:

Allison Williams

Amy Adams

Karlie Kloss


Taylor Swift