Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snaps for the Gap! {finally}

The Gap has always been a good stand-by for your classic t-shirt and jeans. In high school (so 10ish years ago) I shopped there a little more often for tops and sweaters. Since then, however, I think their main collection fell off the....runway? a little bit. We all remember that multicolored. horizontal striped crew neck sweater from the 2007 holiday collection. All I remember after that is a series of different types of white button ups, that also came in black. Maybe they amped up their designs or maybe it's just because 'classic' is back in style, but I absolutely LOVE Gap's fall collection (and apparently stripes).

The Military Button Academy Blazer
The bright blue (and I swear I saw it in red in the store) color of the Military Button Academy Blazer adds a little fun to a classic shape! Paired with a Green Gingham button up or just a classic white one it would look clean, crisp and together!

Slip into either of these loafers for an added fun touch (especially the pink!)

The Nautical Stripe has been something I'm, personally struggling with. It looks absolutely adorable on other people, but for some reason every time I try on a shirt or a dress all I can think of is prison. I may have just gotten over that fear with the  Nautical Shift Dress! It looks super cute with a cognac belt and jean jacket. Perfect for the (warmer than normal) San Francisco falls!

Their 'We <3 Outfits' Section has tons of cute ideas!
I could probably pull of my entire fall wardrobe from this collection!


  1. Walked past the Gap friday night (I know, GASP, Clarksville has a Gap) and thought of you!!

  2. I love gap for staple items, I love your picks. I nominated your for the Liebster award!