Friday, August 28, 2015


The last 3 weeks have been quite a whirlwind. In the end of July, my company decided to start moving operations to Canada and my role was one of those eliminated in move. After a week of some soul searching and math, I realized that the only jobs I was looking at were in Chicago and my severance would go twice as far there too. I made the decision on August 1st that after 6.5 years in San Francisco it was time to make the transition.

Then I was thrown into the chaos of arranging, facilitating and prepping for a cross country move! On top of it it was equally as rough wrapping up not only a huge chapter of my life, but the first one that I created entirely on my own. There were long days, minimal sleeping and a lot of life purging (I threw away 50 nail polishes....that 50x$8 = $450 worth of nail polish where did I even get that!?), but I'm finally in Chicago and getting my life (back?) in order. I'm pretty excited for this new adventure!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

JLSF Welcome Bags

I've chosen a different Junior League placement this year, switching from Chairing our annual fundraiser's PR committee to a Provisional Advisor. I had met so many friends who had joined the Junior League and had gotten overwhelmed with navigating this 1,000+ member, volunteer run organization that they ended up deactivating. I'm definitely not saying it's for everyone, but I really believe in then power meeting driven Women and working together to give back to the community. You just have to find the best place for JL to fit in your life and align with your goals. I was so excited to be assigned a group of new members this year to guide them through the process of understanding the League! I hope they all find it as empowering as I do. 

For our first small group meeting I put together these cute Welcome Bags  I saw the bag idea on Pinterest and googled furiously for a calligraphy guide and Pom-Pom making guide. It was so easy, and luckily we had a few goodies left over from Fashion Show gift bags to include. 
For the tumblers I actually ordered just the decals off etsy and then mass ordered the clear tumblers off Amazon. My friend was making some for her sister's bachelorette party so we split the order. 

The finished bag looked so cute along the wall at the wine bar we met at!

The Goodies!
All my 'failed' attempts at monogrammed gift tags.