Friday, February 26, 2016

It's Oscar Weekend!

We made it to Friday!! I'm pretty excited for this weekend for several reasons: 1) Not traveling!! 2) It's the weekend 3) It's supposed to be 60 and 4) Its the OSCARS!! Truth be told I've only seen a couple of the films (loved The Big Short),but I'm more excited to see the dresses. If the Golden Globes were any sign of what the Oscars are going to be in terms of fashion it will be amazing.
How stunning are these 'vintage' Oscar dress illustrations by Meredith Wing?

It's actually starting to bug me that people have their pants in a bunch about women being asked what they're wearing. I actually want to know. I do think that we should put some focus on the work they've done, but I also feel like the whole issue was created out of a good place. Not some weird sexist agenda. The gowns are so gorgeous and pieces of work (some even work BY women), they're interesting and exciting and people want to know what they're about. A tuxedo just doesn't do the same thing for me. Considering the red carpet interviews are less than a minute usually, there are 2 problems. There is nothing to talk to the men about other than the reason they're there (see above comment about tuxes) and when you are talking to an amazingly dressed woman a minute barely even begins to cover the work that went into making her so beautiful. They simply run out of time to talk about their work. Some people need to chill out. Okay. vent over.

I also cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow, and tonight I'm having some girlfriends over for wine, Cards Against Humanity and Fuller House! #yogapants Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you!

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