Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five

Just a few things that have made a life a little better in recent days ...{or months}

1) Lemon Water
I had heard about the glories of lemon water before and started to give it a try. It's quite honestly been perfect. Soothing, sweet and quite easy to turn the kettle on, wash my face, brush my teeth and pour a cup of water.  It has plenty of other health benefits that Wellness Mama discusses here.

2)Laura Mercier Lip Glace
About 6 months ago a friend convinced me to splurge Laura Mercier's lip glace. I was in NYC and need a new neutral ASAP. She claimed it would be worth the $28 price tag and I have to say it is.
Winter in notoriously dry and having returned from a 2 week trip to the midwest, I was on a pretty heavy chapstick regimen, but was loosing the little guys everywhere. I'd often just have to turn to my Lip Glace and it seemed to work just fine. It wasn't until I brought out my Chanel lipgloss that I truly noticed the difference. I wanted a bright for NYE and turned to Tocade. My the end of the night my lips were basically peeling off. It was not pretty by any means. In that moment I realized what I had in Merciers Glace, not only a fun gloss but a powerful moisturizer for every day use. I went back and bought several shades, my favorite for everyday use is Blush.

3) Yummie Leggings
Tummy taming and a solid quality legging? Yes. Please.

4)Amazing Hairdryer
I finally got my fan-cay hairdryer for Christmas! My finger dry time is down to 10 mins, 30 mins for a blow out! Cannot get better than that. If you have thick hair, or blow dry daily I cannot stress how much you should invest in this!

5) Wunderlist
For some reason when I updated my iPhone, the Reminders app crapped out. I downloaded Wunderlist to keep my random daily thoughts and reminders and shopping lists together. I do my best thinking on public transportation in the morning and its great to have this guy handy to write things downs and set deadlines.

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