Friday, August 28, 2015


The last 3 weeks have been quite a whirlwind. In the end of July, my company decided to start moving operations to Canada and my role was one of those eliminated in move. After a week of some soul searching and math, I realized that the only jobs I was looking at were in Chicago and my severance would go twice as far there too. I made the decision on August 1st that after 6.5 years in San Francisco it was time to make the transition.

Then I was thrown into the chaos of arranging, facilitating and prepping for a cross country move! On top of it it was equally as rough wrapping up not only a huge chapter of my life, but the first one that I created entirely on my own. There were long days, minimal sleeping and a lot of life purging (I threw away 50 nail polishes....that 50x$8 = $450 worth of nail polish where did I even get that!?), but I'm finally in Chicago and getting my life (back?) in order. I'm pretty excited for this new adventure!!

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