Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stylish To-Do Lists

I just moved offices at work and after three years of  having very minimal decor I've decided to make myself more at home. I've really only begun the process. I've been scanning Pinterest and Tumblr for office layouts and decor ideas, but I have decided on Navy, White and Pink as my color palate. My room and apartment are primarily neutral colors and I wanted a little more fun energy at work.

Meanwhile, in the  middle of all this moving, unpacking and redecorating I have a job to do. I do most of my time and task management through lists and my decorating bug has inspired me to invest in a notebook that not only doesn't fall apart like the free ones at work, but is also 200% cuter than the free ones at work.  I stumbled upon May Books who offers eco-friendly notebooks that are bound (yup, that means no loosing pages), canvas (yes, you can set your coffee on it an it won't leave a ring!) and best of all Customizable with lots of cute preppy patterns, colors and even your monogram! You can pick 1 of 5 page options, which is awesome. 2012 Agenda,  Weekly Planner, Meal Planner, Grid Lines or Plain Lines.

I picked this one, with plain lines inside:

I love the greek key pattern and the colors match my (imagined) office perfectly. I really wanted the chevron stripes, but unfortunately they don't make them in navy.  You may have guessed that I used their preview tool to make my icon :)

The plain lines will work perfectly for my millions of to-do lists!
First things that are going in there:
1) New Desk Chair
2) New Cover for guest chair (navy and white chevron?)
3) Art and Frames for the walls
4) Cute Lamps

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  1. Check out tjmaxx or home goods for cute lamps!!