Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ga Ga for Ginger Jars!

Nothing is more traditional in home decor than Ginger Jars. Well, except maybe ducks and plaid, but that has too much Bunny and not enough Charlotte for my taste. The jars have a very rich history throughout American and Chinese Aristocracy. 

The truest Ginger Jars are made of porcelain  emerged from China around the 10th century with the development of porcelain pottery. In the late 19th century the jars became a popular product for export as wealthy Westerners began to buy the imported jars filled with ginger, largely for decorative purposes. In China the jars were made as gifts to Chinese emperors and are were traditional wedding gifts to grooms.

Their curvy shape and classic blue and white patterns go with almost anything and add a great splash of color to a neutral room! They're multi functional as well. Historically, ginger jars held provisions, including not just ginger but salt, oils and other spices. In the West, ginger jars are mostly decorative rather than functional. They can be used for every thing from stand-alone decorative peices, to lamps of vases. I absolutely love how they look bursting with some white hydrangeas!

If you don't want to go antiquing for them C Wonder has a beautiful collection in multiple shapes and sizes.


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