Friday, August 23, 2013

The New Selfie!?

So, if you know me, I'm very anti-selfie. There is never a good selfie. They either say "Hey, I'm all by myself at this thing." or "Hey, this is what I want you to think I look like but I really don't", which is commonly a way over sexualized version of oneself or it doesn't even beat around the bush with a "Hey, these are my boobs/abs/pecs". It's not a way to personalize anything, because they usually don't reflect reality and seem pretty vain.

In the past some people have said the same about monogramming (not the sexual part, the vain part). I'm pro-personalization of anything and being a traditionalist with classic taste the monogram is the best way to do that.

J.Crew's newest edition of 'J. Crew on Film' explores the new-selfie: the monogram and new ways to use it! I couldn't be more supportive of this!

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