Friday, August 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

Getting back into the swing of things, Thankful Thursday is back!

Things I've been Thankful for This Week:

1) iGoogle
I've got about 25 balls in the air right now! Work, Junior League, Personal Life, Theta, Travel Planning.... The last time I was this busy was Senior year of college. I used Microsoft Entourage to manage everything back then. I loved that you could filter email to projects, have separate calendar's and to-dos by project and get reminders. I've been struggling to find a place that does all that, and having converted the majority of my e-mail to gmail it makes it hard to transition out. After a frustrating attempt to convert to entourage, I turned to my roommate and said "I wish there was a place that would combine all my divided e-mail labels, to-do lists and calendar events from Google into 1 page where I can see it all!!" Without looking away from the TV she casually responded with, "You mean, like iGoogle?"  How did I not know about this!? It's changing my life!

2) Long(er) Lunch Breaks
Things at work are getting a little crazy, but on the days I do have time I've been taking a little bit of a longer lunch to work out. Fortunately my office has a full gym and locker room as well so I don't have to go very far. I've also found showering mid-day to be quite refreshing! I am absolutely NOT a morning person. Showering at lunch I can sleep in a little, wash my face, touch up my hair and coast through the morning craziness at work, then start the afternoon put together and ready for battle!

3) My Bus Pass
Last month I made a large effort to stop using by charge card and start using my debit card more. I thought I was pretty successful until my bill came. There was only a very small difference between this month and last month. Shocked and saddened I opened my statement to see where the damage came from. I was semi- surprised to see that all my charges were from  Uber! I say semi because I know I resort to it quite often to avoid the time and patience I have to invest in public transportation, but I didn't realize in was 3 figures worth of resorting! I'm now starting to make a conscious effort to use both my debit card and my bus pass, which is paid for by work. 

4) {college} Football Season Starting
As if a 3 day weekend wasn't enough to look forward to the Badgers take on UMass this Saturday to kick off what is sure to be an amazing college football season! This is really the only time of year I get nostalgic about Mad-Town!!

5) Pepcid Complete
A little odd, I know, but for some reason I've been CRAZY sensitive to spicy foods lately. I had chips with mild salsa last week and woke up in the middle of the night with ridiculous heartburn. Then Monday this week I had a big bowl of tomato based soup and my tummy was not happy. I chewed all the Tums in the world, considered eating chalk...and when I finally thought I was dying, around 3AM I googled the best heartburn reliever. Pepcid Complete came highly recommended as it stops the production of stomach acid AND soothes!! Google was right, yet again and I was back to work the next day!

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