Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Um do I really need to say it? 2013 FLEW BY. Like. A. Speed. Train. It was filled with a lot of learning, loving, wine tasting apparently and embracing life. I guess if I had to pick 1 word to describe it would be LOVE.

I was gone the first half the year being  swept up by the heat of film production...and meeting a boy. We had a few ups and downs but it's hard to believe that it's almost a year since he came up to me at the bar I was at for my Birthday Party and asked if I wanted a drink. You might remember me mentioning how scared I was to host a birthday party out here, as most of the people I considered (mentally) my friends are still in the Midwest. As stupid as it sounds, I was completely surprised how many people actually showed up. So many people that, in the back of my mind I loved, also loved me back.

I also went to 4 weddings this year! Long time friends and short time friends there was a lot of celebrating the love of 2 people and each other.  2013 was one giant Love Fest in my head and this Flipagram is my ode to it!

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