Monday, September 30, 2013

Wonderful Wedding Weekend {aka Summertime Saddness}

This summer has been really the summer of weddings for me, attending 5 in total, all over the state and country! This weekend was one for my former roommate out here. We met on craigslist about 3.5 years ago as we were both frustrated with the aggressive/expensive search for a city apartment and were running out of time before our current leases expired. I didn't have the balls yet to post an actual 'wanted' ad on Craigslist, so I started reading hers. Mid-Twenties. Just broke up with Boyfriend. Has nice furniture and cat (if possible). Sounded safe right? I sent her an e-mail and we both agreed to look at the last few places we had showings at in the upcoming weekend and then would get drinks and start our search together.

I went to look at this flat that had 2 rooms available. 1 was pretty tiny, but $100 cheaper than the other one. Moving from the 'burbs to the city I was already going up in rent quite a bit and had convinced myself I could live in the tiny one. The flat was gorgeous, lots of common space and the girls were nice. When one of the girls called to say they'd love for me to move in, they informed me the smaller room had been taken. I was devastated really thinking I couldn't swing the extra $100 a month and passed. I reached out to B {craigslist lady above} and she had found a room that weekend so we weren't going to need to start from scratch. I resorted to looking at studios, within the 24 hours of hearing B took a room, searching for studios and semi-realizing that paying an extra $100 for a huge room is better than an extra $300 for a small studio I received another e-mail from B saying she had just gone to sign the lease at her new room and my name had been on there as well, but she heard I wasn't taking it! I definitely won't say it was fate, I looked at 2 more crappy apartments before sucking it up and taking the bigger room, but it was sure weird. We lived together for 2 years. That boyfriend eventually came back into her life and they got engaged a little over a year ago. It was so amazing to see her and them start from where they were in such a bad place and grow to such a great one.  She was never the "fairy-tale" type. Very laid back. Even when they got engaged she wanted to wait a few years before the wedding. Do to scheduling etc they moved it up a year to this past weekend.

ANYWAY, my point. I went to a lot of weddings this summer. A lot of beautiful, beautiful weddings. Please don't get me wrong when I say this, as I'm a 'fairy-taler', but I think a lot of people's weddings reflect this grand idea of who the 'want' to be and not who they 'are'. I didn't really realize this until I saw B's wedding this weekend. It was in a backyard, with their closest friends and family. The flowers were beautiful, the food delicious and everything felt so them. During the vows, the speeches and the dances you can feel their couple mojo and love emanating through the room and it felt amazing. Something I think everyone should feel one day. It will probably be one of my favorite weddings ever, I can only hope to have the same feel at mine.

Needless to say it was a perfect way to end my Summer (of Weddings) and it was only appropriate that the overplayed song of the weekend was "Summertime Sadness". I literally threw out my neck dancing to it so many times this weekend. Summer 2013 was a great one, a long one and (even though Christmas is right around the corner) I'm sad its over.

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