Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love Day

Valentine's Day is coming up! I like Valentine's Day in the sense of its a fun day to celebrate the love you have for all the people in your life. However, I don't think its the greatest for relationships. If you're both Valentine's Day people, GREAT but if you're not it usually ends up with a lot of this:

To avoid the pressure of Valentine's, I think it's better to take most of it away and promise eachother to just be a little more loving and appreciative when it's needed. It means a little more with less of a "Here's some flowers. It's Valentine's Day." and more "Here are some flowers. Thank's for doing that favor for/thinking of/being there for me /just being you."

I think it should be recognized, but cute and cheesy, yet relevant. Stick with the basics. Flowers, chocolate, candy, jewels if you're feeling generous. Something that represents your relationship is even better. Dinner at your first date restaurant, picture of you together in a nice frame. More of a "Yay we love eachother, it's Valentine's Day" and less of a "Here is a tree of roses on top of a champagne mountain crusted in diamonds!" situation.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

1) Printstagram
I did this for Sweetest Day, which unbeknown to me no one celebrates on the West Coast. I wanted something that was representative of things we've done together and he loved it.

Guys, Kate Spade really did all the work for you here. Encompasses sparkles and meaning in one little gift for your lady. You can't really go wrong with any jewelry.

3) Good Chocolates
No, not Russell Stover or Godiva, something nice. I love Chocolatier Blue, their boxes are so elegant and chocolates so unique (and beautiful)!

4) Fancy Under Things
I love lingerie. Silk and lace and bows and extra padding! Even though it usually doesn't stay on very long, there is something about being out to dinner, all glammed up and having a little secret underneath your clothes that the world (and, even better, your Lovely) doesn't know about. 
Shopping for this is a sensitive subject for some people in terms of size, coverage and body image so maybe offer to take her shopping for some and pick out something you like for her to try on. Let her pick without telling you and it's still a surprise for you ;)  Just a heads up Victoria Secret doesn't let gentlemen in the dressing rooms so you'll have to hit a department store or boutique shop.

I've been swooning over this color blocked set from Fleur Du Mal!

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