Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

As I'm in my (eh hem) late twenties, my news feeds are filled up with all things weddings. "Ask" gifts have always baffled me a bit. I understand to desire to get creative and be a little different, but flowers seem a bit ordinary, a custom cookie a bit tacky or a custom wine bottle unnecessary {can I drink it or do I have to keep it forever?}.

If you're able I love the idea of an "ask" brunch. These are your closest friends and you want to be there to see the look on their face when you ask, you want them to know they'll be appreciated and, quite often, you'll need to introduce them all to each other. What a great way to experience that all together!

I saw a similar post on the Glitter Guide (?) I think, but when I came across this one on Style Me Pretty I had to share.

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  1. How is this the first time I'm hearing about Ask Brunches?! Definitely a genius and super sweet idea!