Monday, March 3, 2014

Moving on {up?}!

I've officially crossed 1 thing off my 2014 to-do list. I've finally found a new apartment!!! In December, 2 weeks before Christmas, one of my roommates & the master lease holder, informed us she was moving out after 6 years in the house. If you don't follow real estate San Francisco housing prices have gone from ridiculous to preposterous in the last 6 or so years. Our landlord let us know that with the new lease, rent will go up about $500/person/month. That ain't gonna work for this lady.

To be honest I was more than a little nervous about finding a new place. Our land lord was nice enough to give us 6 months before the hike, but in general it was going to be tough to find a place that wasn't far away, didn't have 5 other roommates and was up to my aesthetic expectations within my price range. I had casually been perusing craigslist for listings that were up to my high standards, and I found an adorable 2 bedroom in the Noe Valley neighborhood with a lovely roommate from North Carolina and a kitty named Finn. It's a little farther out than I'd like to be; I've been living closer to town in Russian Hill. But it still has a cute shopping street near by and is closer to the AMAHZING restaurants in the Mission. The BF is happy too, as parking should be a breeze.

I've got a lot going on this month: mini-vacay, finalizing Junior League event details, moving, and the actual Junior League event, but I'm so happy to have this weight off my shoulders....and can't wait to start re-decorating!!

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