Monday, March 31, 2014

Room Inspiration

Moving came with lots of purging and reorganizing. Only 1 trip to the Container Store so far though!
When I moved to my last apartment 4 years ago, I started to re-decorate my bedroom. It happened slowly over the course of the years, but never finished. I hoarded picture frames and was hoping that in the move I would make a decision on what I wanted and get rid of the rest. No dice. Thus I've decided to not rest until my room redecoration is complete!

I really like the soothing elegance of neutral colors in  bedroom. I had pale pink for a while, but I think that's a little to girly for being in my late twenties. These pictures have been my inspiration. The top one kills me a little every time I look at it!

I already have an upholstered headboard, which I'm not so into anymore. I might get a new slipcover for it, in neutral. My bedding is all white save for the monogrammed euro pillows that are monogrammed in sand.
My room also has hardwood floors, which are gorgeous, but not so welcoming. I need to get an area rug. I'm thinking white.

My desk, dresser and bookshelf are all dark cherry. I want to get this table from ikea to use as a nightstand and spray paint the legs a metallic to lighten up the dark accents.

Oh and I want a bench. A bigger version of the ones featured in the last picture to put up against a wall.

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