Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things & January Goals!

Diving back into real life after an extended vacation is always hard. It's even harder when it feels like you've been living a different life. I moved away from "home" right after college; well, actually it was before the end of college. I was living the life of your typical college, sorority girl on Friday and the next Monday I was suddenly a young professional on the other side of the country. My 2 lives have never really linked up. My friends have met my friends here and my family has come to visit, but I mean in the way that the way I spend my time at home is a lot different than the way I spend my time in  in California.

In real life stuff happens, like I get bored. I watch crappy TV. I find time to workout. I need to sleep-in on weekends to maintain my lively-hood. I cook. I make my own decisions.  At home, mostly because I have to see a lot of people in a short period in time, but also because a little bit of that college sorority girl comes out, I feel like I'm ALWAYS going and there's always something going on.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's weird to go from go, go go to Kardashian marathons and pajama pants over night. It brings up questions like "What am I doing with my life?" "Should I be going all the time?" "Am I wasting my time right now?" "Is the fact that I'm asking myself these questions mean that I'm living my life wrong?" "What's your 5 year plan?" "Maybe I should move back home and work at the Starbucks?" Really you just have to tell those questions to shut it, but sometimes you have a moment of weakness and buy a plane ticket to go back in 2 weeks........oops.
All in all I miss college and I need something else to focus on!

Thus my January Goals!

1) Budget Better {no, SERIOUSLY}
2) Write Christmas Thank You notes by  January 11th
3) Blog Twice a Week
4) Find a new workout routine that doesn't cost $250/month {see goal #1}
5) Plan an awesome, Belated 26th Birthday Party!
6) Finish Decorating My Room
7) Be A Kick-A** Social Media Manager for the Fashion Show
8) Practice These:

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  1. Increase "flow experiences." Very interesting. Great list of goals there girlie. :) You can do it.

    New follower from #H54F.