Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites {2012 version}

2012 has been the fastest year of my life. Seriously, I don't even know what happened. Last thing I remember is sitting in my living room in January, with my roomie E fantasizing about a European Vacation that would probably never happen. That trip was 6 months ago now.

I refuse to let 2013 go by so fast!! I've decided my resolution is to live more in the moment & stay positive about it! In the mean time, I wanted to honor some of my favorite moments of 2012.

1) MLK Weekend Roomie Vacation to Disneyland
It was last minute to help me forget about boy's and their (some how always) false promises and it definitely did the job!

2) Visiting Kingsley in Tennessee & participating in normal TN weekend rituals, like trips to the gun range!

3) Trip to Carmel with Katie!

4) Last minute, 48 hour trip home for Mom's birthday
(and reading the entire Fifty Shades Darker in the 4 hour plane ride)

5) Spain & Morocco (duh!)

6) Lakehouse on Labor Day!

7) SF Thanksgiving!

Can't wait to see all the adventures of 2013!!!

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