Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Now that the season of giving {and receiving} is over it's time to be thankful....aka write thank you notes! With all these new fangled forms of technology, you might wonder what is the most appropriate way to go about thanking someone for a gift.  Emily Post's most recent etiquette guide says a phone call or e-mail is completely acceptable now and, if you open your gift in the presence of the giver a verbal "Thank You!" suffices.
In my personal opinion you can never go wrong with a hand-written note. Especially since it's even more appreciated as hand-written correspondence is  becoming an antiquity.

Mrs. Post says you should write thank-you notes for holiday gifts as soon as possible and suggests a good standard is to do so before New Year's day. .....Well, I've officially failed at that so I'm hoping to get them out by this weekend!

Now come's the tough part....with so many darling Thank-You cards out there, which one do you choose?

Sugar Paper - Delicate Thank You in Pool

Sugar Paper - So Sweet of You
Kate Spade - Letterpress Check-it-off Fold Over Card - Chic Graffiti Thank You Cards

last, but not least (sorry I just couldn't resist)

Etsy "Creatively Engaged" Funny Christmas Story Inspired Cards

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  1. Christmas Story DUHHH

    Actually I like the "So sweet of you" too