Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Goals

I cannot believe it's already September! Where has 2013 gone!? Starting the month off right with my goals!

1) Finish all my September Tasks for Fashion Show
The Fashion Show isn't until March, but I've got a ton of things to do. Unfortunately with all the other things I've been working on Fashion Show has been falling to the bottom of my list. I'm going to try to make Fashion Show to-do's a little higher priority this month and get all the prep tasks done. Hopefully, this will save me a lot of time and energy during and after the holidays!

2) Blog 2 times Week
I think we all know why this needs to be a goal.

3) Get a New Workout Routine
I tried to start running again a few weeks ago, but I lost some momentum when I was sick last week. I need to get back into figuring out how to work it in my schedule and make it a solid routine!

4) Learn to let things go
My anxiety has been on high alert this year. I've been busier and my type-A side freaks out at the thought of things becoming a disorganized mess. The logical way to manage those freak outs is to control everything right!? I've started to realize the additional anxiety that creates and I need to focus on accepting that things are going to happen that I can't control much as I hate to admit that. 

5) Enjoy the America's Cup Festivities
There are 2 weeks left in the America's Cup races being in town and aside from the couple times I've been out on the water, I've seen nothing! I want to get down the park and see some the exciting things that have been happening down there!

6) Start my Gallery Wall
I've had a PILE of picture frames in the corner of my room for almost a year. I want to get the design and pictures picked out for my gallery month we'll work on getting them up on the wall :)

Happy Sepetember!!

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