Friday, August 15, 2014

Room Sneak Peak #2 - DIY Metallic Desk & Night Stand

I absolutely love the look of dark wood with light, cushy neutrals. My first 5 years here, I was able to collect a beautiful desk, nightstand, ladder bookcase and dresser in a deep cherry that all went perfectly with the vision I had for my room. My new room changed things a bit. Square-footage wise it's bigger but the ceiling isn't as high, it only has 1 window and has hard wood floors.  For some reason everything seemed a little closer together and it made the slight differences in the pieces cherry tones more noticeable, in addition to make the room feel really dark.

After some design research and treasure hunting I thought maybe a table like this would be a nice addition as my other nightstand.  It's 'neutral' and lighter than the wood pieces that seemed to weigh the place down.

Lulu and Georgia

Sadly, with a near $600 price tag it was out of the question for now. I spent endless hours searching for a new table online, but just couldn't seem to find anything in my $100-200 price range.  Then I remembered my parents had a wrought-iron little side table that, I thought they purchased at Ikea and could easily be spray painted a metallic! I was so pleased to find the entire Vittsjo collection, I got all sorts of new ideas for my room. Since this has been in progress for over half a decade now, I made myself stick to my original vision and started out purchasing the Laptop Table ($24!!) and THIS metallic spray paint in 'champagne' that seemed to match perfectly with my curtains.

I put it together in about 20 minutes and spent maybe 10 minutes giving it 2 coats of paint. 48 hours later I had a stunning side table!

After I got it in my room, however, something still just didn't feel quite right. I decided I needed to ditch my cherry desk (that was my first adult furniture purchase & that was so proud of myself for spending hours putting together myself!) and get the Vittsjo Desk ($40!!!). It was a tough choice, but a good one and I absolutely love the finished products! All for under $100.

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