Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recent {Style} Obsession: Allison Williams

It might be because we share a first name and 2 similar initials, but I'm obsessed with Allison William's sexy, but sophisticated style! I won't lie that when I took the "Which Girls Character are You?" Buzzfeed quiz I got Marnie. Her elegant and slightly conservative looks were more relatable to me than the other girls and I definitely understood her slightly annoying OCD quirks!

I first noticed Allison's personal style at the 2012 Met Gala. Her seemingly effortless, satin tube, floor length Fuchsia Ralph Lauren gown was absolutely stunning! It made me want to stop eating immediately and start growing my eyebrows out!

Her looks only continued to stand out from there. She just has an absolutely amazing way of mixing modern with traditional and it totally works with her classic beauty.  Formal or casual...can I just be her? Some more of my favorites:

Oh and can we talk about how perfectly timeless her engagement ring is?

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