Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Hair!

I have to admit, the idea of lightening my hair started last spring. I, heavily, highlighted my hair all through high school. In college I decided to embrace my natural brunette locks, luckily I have some natural highlights to add dimension.  Last spring, solid brunette wasn't cutting it for me and I wanted to mix it up a little, but I couldn't quite commit.

When I started to look longingly at the light chestnut/ombre tones coming into style, it took me 6  more months to get the nerves up to go to my hairdresser. In November we talked it through and decided on putting just a few balyage highlights in the front.

The result has since started to grow out and with summer coming I wanted something a bit more seasonal. I was looking at Gisele (I know right) and Rose Huntington-Whitely for a blonder look for summer.

We put in a few highlights and low-lights and the result is just what I wanted. Can't wait to be in out in the sunshine soon!

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