Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dairy & Grain Free Berry Tart {speed version}!

This year I was FINALLY able to make it to Life As Griki's 4th of July BBQ. With my new dairy intolerance and Kingsley's food allergies I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try Against All Grain's Dairy-Free - Grain Free Berry Tart!

I woke up Saturday morning excited to head out to the farmers market to pick up some fresh berries and swing by Whole Foods for the extra supplies. I pulled open the recipe page and freaked out that not only did the custard need to 'set' for 5 hours, but the room-temperature, canned coconut milk needed to be refrigerated for the cream to separate. I had already made plans to go to the gym and there was only 4 hours until I had to leave for the party. 

I figured/hoped that if I went shopping now, mixed up the custard and let it sit in the freezer with the coconut milk while I went to the gym and showered. I should have SOMETHING to work with. If the custard was a little liquid-y...well, thats whats plates are for. I do have to say it turned out beautiful and absolutely delicious. I won't lie, I may have eaten some left over coconut cream with some cinnamon sprinkled on it as a snack. 

Only tweak I made to the recipe was instead of adding water to the gelatin I just stirred it into the boiling custard mixture. 



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