Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Five {Momma-to-Be Edition}

April and May must have been pretty 'busy' months for people because everyone {well almost everyone} I know is preggers!  I'm so happy for these new little ones to spoil, but for now my friends are the ones that need some extra attention. Since the shower's aren't for a bit and, mostly, about baby gifts I love these ideas for Congratulation's gifts!

How fun is this Card? I love JulieAnnArt!

A jar a pickles is a very cute {and low cost} way to say congrats.

You CANNOT go wrong with a good Spa Treatment!

A coffee club subscription is great for prepping your soon-to-be daddies for night duty!

This luxurious cashmere robe for those 'sweatpants are all the fits me right now' moments

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