Monday, September 7, 2015

SF Bucket List: Baker Beach and Huntington Square

A few of the first places I ever visited in San Francisco as an adult were Baker Beach and Huntington Square park. Their elegance and peacefulness have always held a special place in my heart.

One late night as interns we decided to take an 'adventure' out to Baker Beach. I remember climbing over the dunes as we followed the sound of the ocean because it was all pitch black. Since then I've been back numerous times with almost every friend. I knew I needed 1 more trip to see the pacific and then Golden Gate Bridge. Luckily we had 1 scorcher of a Sunday and after spending the morning being lazy in bed we decided to take the trip out to, hopefully, catch the sun set. It was absolutely perfect.

My very first weekend in the city my friends made us climb up Nob Hill to this delicious italian restaurant. Unfortunately, we were a little too early for dinner and we had to kill some time in the nearby park. I fell in love with Huntington Square Park, when I began to look for apartments Nob Hill was on the top of the list. I did end up finding a space just a few blocks away. In my 4 years there I spent many a weekend drinking wine, reading or just laying in the sun in Huntington Square. 
After our trip to Sonoma, my friends and I took our purchases over to Huntington Square Park to enjoy them one last time. 

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