Tuesday, February 23, 2016

All. the. things.

I've been more than a little all over the place lately (mentally and physically)! I continued my jet setting adventures Presidents' Day weekend and headed back to LA. We actually took a mini-roadtrip up to Santa Barbara for a few days and it was absolutely divine. 80 and sunny was much needed after 20 and grey for so long! It's looking like that will be my last trip for a month or so (thankfully?). Travel is just so stressful in general and when your in a LDR your time is so valuable it adds an extra pressure to it. After being apart for the usual 2 weeks again I was so excited to see him again. I lost it at the mere thought of missing my connection in Minneapolis and having to spend 6 hours in the middle of no where. That's precious time I could have spent with the BF.....or even doing work or catching up on the rest of my life. That is all in addition to the stress of being stuck in an airport, rearranging flights to get either to him or home and dealing with the monster that is humanity in an airport. Stakes are high. He's agreed to travel these next few times and has Spring Break coming up so that should be helpful and less stressful for both of us.
Meanwhile, work has been in.sane. You may have even seen some of our handy work in the Superbowl! I really love what I do and it's hard to believe I've only been here 3 months. There is so much chaos that needs to be ordered, its hard to figure out where to start. Like I said, I'm super excited about it, time (see paragraph above) is just becoming a huge factor and that's extra stressful. 

When I have had time for me it's usually spent on catching up on the Bachelor, I should really figure out how to combine this with the gym (something else that continues to fall to the bottom of the list after all of the above). I actually started a watching group for this season. It seemed like a great way to meet new, like minded friends in the city. It's been so great, but I've been missing a lot due to travel and work....I'm starting to feel like the worst hostess. There are only 3 episodes left though and I will for sure make 2 of them!! I've been find Ben a bit boring this season. He seems like a nice guy, but maybe too nice. Also, I started watching Unreal last year and now I question everything that happens on that show/feel horrible for the girls. I'm so pumped to see who wins. I was originally Team Becca, but {I'm sorry girl} I can never tell what kind of emotion she actually expressing. As much as I try I can't quite connect with her emotionally....I think Ben hit that road block too. 

The BF was here this weekend and the trip definitely hit the inevitable roadbumps (aka flight cancellations), but the weather was absolutely gorgeous and he made it here just before the temperature dropped again. We went to go see Deadpool {ladies, it's hilarious...and also Ryan Reynolds full frontal. I promise you'll enjoy!} on Sunday and then last night I took him to see one of my favorite singers, Stephen Kellogg. I hadn't seen him in forever, but it was just as I remembered. It was so great to be able to share that with BF too. Definitely a great way to start of the week, despite having to say goodbye this morning. Hoping those positive vibes carry me through the next 10 days. 

Thanks for listening, xoxo.

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