Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar Dresses 2016

How is it Monday already? This weekend went unbelievably fast. Game night was quite a success. After pizza, wine, girl talk, 2 rounds of Balderdash and some Cards Against Humanity it we suddenly realize it was 2am and time for bed.  Saturday was filled with errands and Fuller House mini marathon that rolled into a Michael Pollan's Cooked marathon. Both series were definitely entertaining. Fuller House was fun, but it was painful getting through the cheesiness of the first 5 or so episodes. After becoming an adult and realizing what Bob Sagat's real-life persona was, I just cannot take him seriously as Danny Tanner any more.  Sunday was church ->cooking ->gym -> OSCARS! I made a killer quinoa stir fry to eat this week and delicious truffle popcorn to bring to the Oscar party I was going to.

Now  on to the important things. THE DRESSES! I realize lots of people were irritated by this comment, but I would like to shout out to Chris Rock for reinforcing my point from Friday.

Overall there was no one who did horribly in my opinion, but I did like the Golden Globes comparatively better this year.

Rachel McAdams (Oscars AND Vanity Fair party)

Daisy Ridley

Naomi Watts

Sara Silverman

Saoirse Ronan (I don't think the photos did it any justice)

Reese Witherspoon

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