Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Jet Set Adventures

The past few weekends I've been lucky enough to escape Chicago winter to the sunshine in California. The BF lives out there, he spent fall coming out here and now it's my turn. I usually take a 6am flight there and the red eye back {then head to work} so it's been exhausting. I'm slowly getting into a routine about it though. Bed early the night before. Massage the day after I get back {sleeping on planes is no joke}. We try to get lots of sleep when I'm there, but the purpose is spend time together sometimes it's hard to justify.  Here are some snaps from a few of our adventures and activity recommendations for the next time you're in SoCal!

The sun catching up to my 6am flight heading west out of Chicago.
The colors were so pretty. This pic doesn't do it justice.

His & Hers happy hour and sunset courtesy of Suite 700 at Hotel Shagri-la

We did a hike in Temascal Canyon that promise a waterfall AND beautiful vistas. Unfortunately...the drought is still happening and it was insanely foggy. I tried to capture some of the magic. 
But first, Alfred's coffee. I was sooo happy to finally find this place. We had gone to the Brentwood Farmer's Market the prior weekend and after I desperately needed a coffee. All I find was a Peet's and settled. Then  last week Alfred's started popping up on my insta feed so it was a must stop this weekend. Totally worth it.  Sidebar: I had been inspired to go to the Farmer's Market after an instagram post from GOOP. It was the best FM I've ever been too honestly. I wish I took pictures there!

Last weekend we took another/better hike up the Los Liones trail. I was sunny and a much prettier trail and pay off than Temascal. When we got to the top I HAD to get one of those crazy yoga in nature shots. Can you tell? :)
We were STARVING after our hike so we drove up PCH to Malibu Fish & Seafood. It's right off the highway and has a gorgeous view of the ocean and sunset. It was a little pricey but the fish was so fresh and delicious.

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