Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Thanks!

If you've followed me the last few months  year you know that I've been trying to refocus my life/mind on positive things. I gave Thankful Thursday's a go and my monthly goals have tried to push Thankfulness and positivity in my life. Ryann, who blogs on Unspeakable Joy is doing "30 Days of Thanks" for the month of November. With a goal of blogging daily about things in your life you are grateful for to bring more attention to them in your life.
I was trying to think of the words to describe why I've been trying to focus on appreciating the things I do have and bringing light to the positive, but Ryann's post I think put's it perfectly.
"These days I have been so selfish and continually looking towards the "next big thing" without truly living in the present and rejoicing in each day. I'm going to be honest, until these past few months, I really had it easy. Everything was so comfortable surrounded by my friends while I was in college, close to home, sure of the most immediate next steps... graduation, marriage, the move, and my first "big girl job". It was all so exciting! But even then, I was still living for the next thing.....
.....But some days I am really lonely. Some days I wonder if I'll ever move on from here to start a career I love. If I'll find friends here. Some days I just question God. "Why Raleigh?" "Why Martha?" "Why this rejection?" Not good, my friends. This month, I want to embrace the many blessings the Lord has given me. God hasn't guaranteed everything is going to be easy, and it is this hardship and struggle and hurt that draw us closer towards him. For that I am SO thankful. Which is why I am moved to share with you each day of the month of one thing I am thankful for. "

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