Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good Coffee -30 Days of Thanks

There is no denying that San Francisco is the land of the gourmet and the land of hipsters (do those things even go together?). Not only does that combination produce new, cutting edge meals but also really good, artisan coffee. I don't consider myself a coffee snob at all. I'll drink whatever, but the stronger the better.

My boyfriend on the other hand is a flat out, 100% coffee snob {he did get pretty excited about a 'peppermint mocha with extra sprinkles' when I told him the Starbucks red cups were coming out, but I didn't tell you that}. When we drives me to work in the morning we stop at a little place near my house that roasts their own beans, but his favorite by far is Ritual Coffee. Hitting up the good places several times a week, I have definitely noticed the difference in quality. There's a lovely 'roasted' taste to the small names like Blue Bottle and Ritual that you just don't find a Starbucks and I'm grateful to have these options right outside my door. On the flip side, these artisan coffee do come with a price. Yes, I appreciate the taste, but I'm also thankful because when I do go slumming it at Starbucks I feel like my $4.00 latte is a steal!

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