Monday, November 18, 2013

This Week's 30 Days of Thanks

I should have probably seen this coming. I'm finding 30 Days of Thanks a little overwhelming in my super busy life. I find myself getting up in the morning, thinking about what to be thankful for, but never getting the time to sit down and write an amazing post....or even a sucky post. My goal is to condense them into a week. Yes, I realize this is not "Thankful Thursday", but it's better than nothing.

Here are the things I was/am Thankful for last Week!

1) Accountable Committee Members
Chairing a committee for a volunteer organization means you were one of few people that was actually accountable last year so you can handle doing all the work this year. We hold monthly meetings, delegate action items, close our eyes and pray they'll be done in time. So far this year my committee has been absolutely amazing. Only 1 ball has been dropped and it was promptly picked up by another committee member willingly! Knowing how intense this has turned out to be for me, even with delegating I am so so thankful I can trust them!

2) Michael's being SO CLOSE to my office
I've been working on gift bag design and Michaels has been an absolute savior. It's 2 blocks from my office so I've spent many a lunch roaming the aisles. It's also got me in full Christmas decoration mode (post to come soon on that), but sparkles and cinnamon and paper meche deer have got me ready to go!

3) The Ability to Give-Back 
One of my favorite quotes is "To whom much is given, much is expected" and volunteering has always been a passion of mine. It was easy in college, I felt like they had volunteer opportunities out like free pizza. When I moved to San Francisco it got HARD. I don't know if it's real life or being in a non-profit loving city, but it is impossible to find an organization with an opening. That lead me to Junior League, which not only has a huge monetary impact on the community but access to  grassroots, hands dirty volunteer experiences that make you feel great! Especially this time of year when people wear their gratefulness on their sleeve I'm so happy I'm able to be involved.

4) My Mom is Coming to Visit!
This might be a selfish reason, but my mom has always been willing to help where she can. There are certain areas of my life I'm been avoiding. Primarily room/home organization. As a young adult when your parents come to town, consciously or sub it starts an evaluation of the status of every aspect of your life. I realize that I've fully ignored any nesting instinct for at least a good year. My parents just moved, so I hope she's still excited about this stuff, but we're going scrub, hang, redesign, re-organize the shiz out of my apartment and I'm pumped!

5) Zipcar
I spent the first half of the week getting a bunch of Gift Bags put together for a meeting on Wednesday. I thought the Gift Bag assembly was going to be the hardest part, but boy was I wrong. To decorate the gift bag tables I needed a half dozen gold, metallic '8' shaped Balloons. Easy for any party store right? After arriving at work late due to a Doctor's Appointment and wrangling 8 members of my team together for a work lunch, I thought all I would have to do was make a phone call that afternoon and pick them up on the way to the venue. NO ONE had them! Well, one place did but it closed at 5pm and I wouldn't be able to get there until 6pm. Disappointed I switched my efforts to figuring out when to pick up the gift bags from headquarters.....when I found out that closed at 5pm. At this point I'd have to leave work immediately to get to either place in time. Zipcar saved the day, zipping me around town in an SUV full of gold tinsel and balloons. I really couldn't have gotten it all picked up and delivered without it.

6) Wine Club Memberships
I have a slight obsession with Francis Ford Coppola's Sophia Champs. So much so that when I stopped at the winery I decided to not only buy a case, but join the wine club. I've gotten 2 shipments already and my wine cabinet is filling up and staying full! With the insanity of last week, I had more then my fair share of glasses of wine. With the holiday season coming up as well, they'll be great hostess gifts!!

7) Laundromat Being Steps from My Front Door
No seriously it's 2 doors down, I don't even have to put a bra on if I don't want too. With my mom coming, I decided it was deep cleaning time. So EVERYTHING got washed.  Having it be right next door is almost as good as having one in house. If enough machines are open I can whip in and out of there in an hour with all 5 loads washed and dryed!

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  1. I'm heading out to buy some Sofia right now. I haven't tried it but have visited the winery and am a fan of his other wines. thanks for the rec!