Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Days 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - 30 Days of Thanks

As it's November 5th, I'm a little behind on my 30 Days of Thanks. I decided to kick it off with 5 things in my life I'm thankful for:

Clean Roommates
In addition to liking nice things, I'm also a little OCD about order and cleanliness especially in my living situation. There is nothing more satisfying that coming home to a room in perfect order, folding back the sheets and slipping into a formerly made bed. I have 3 roommates, all found via Craigslist and I cannot tell you how absolutely lucky I feel that everyone a) appreciates and the value of nice things AND b) appreciates the value in keeping those things and the house nice. Even the guests at our raging Halloween House Party refilled our ice trays and moved the fragile Glitter Pumpkin and fragile candle hurricanes to safe place on the bookshelf before starting a rousing came of kings cup on the coffee table! All of us were up bright and early the next day (in our various hungover states, of course) scrubbing, wiping and vaccuming. Especially with this time of year, filled with lots of tiny, delicate decor I trust them completely and am so thankful I can decorate and not worry!

A Home to Holiday in the Snow
The holiday's are truly my favorite time of the year. The weather cools, you get to bundle up in soft sweaters and snow makes venturing outside of your cozy house, for anything, an adventure. Living in California now makes almost all of those things impossible. Except for getting dark at 5pm, nothing is really 'cozy' about it. You have to bring the holiday's in with decorations and scented candles, but that's the only difference between December 5th and October 5th. The majority of my family lives in the midwest, where I'm from, and I'm able to travel back to the snow covered roads and rooftops for a week to really feel Christmas. The family, the food cooking, the coziness and closeness of Christmas all wrapped up in a variety of homes throughout the midwest. I don't know if I could get through the year without looking forward to that.

My Grandma
I'm a fairly independent person in that I don't really talk to my family all that much. Not that I have a horrible family, but I've never really connected with any of them on a really personal level. I never felt that community, that 'team'. I've felt support to blossom and grow into the person I wanted to be, but there was never a 'we'. It was Mom, Dad, Brother and Me. 4 individuals. In my adult life I've seen how growing up like that has affected my life and relationships in both positive and negative ways. Even though I'm content with my independence I think everyone can agree that there is something amazing about someone you can really connect with. My Grandma has been the closest thing I've had to that. Sure, she's a little stuck in her ways like any older person is, but she's always there to listen and offer her 2 cents on her almost 80 years of experience. I talked to her for 2 hours yesterday about various things in my life and got caught up on the rest of the family (or at least the parts they felt they could share with Grandma). After I got off the phone I realized I don't really have another person in my life I can relate to like that and the fact that she's part of my family makes it so much better. 

Google Drive
Life, applying for jobs and co-chairing a committee this year has made my life pretty hectic. I'm constantly writing lists, documents, notes etc. I need to be able to access them anywhere! When someone calls, when someone e-mails, when I have an idea or need to reference something... Google drive has, amazingly, allowed me to do that and keep myself sane. 

Scented Candles
I love candles. I love how they set the mood with lighting and scent, they can be relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Like I said re: snow above, its hard to get the Holiday feeling I'm used to out here in California. I've recently indulged in a little more candle shopping than usual and I'm excited to get them 'fired' up for the holiday season.

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