Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five: Winter Survival Kit

Despite spending much of my childhood in the midwest, I was officially de-conditioned after my 2nd winter in California. I remember coming back home for Christmas and wearing my Uggs and winter coat around the house....and still feeling like I was near hypothermia. So far this winter hasn't been too awful. The dryness has been the most irritating part (for both hair and skin).
I made some wise winter preparation choices back in November that I am thankful for.

In most of the country leggings would be an easy, comfortable pant choice that just happens to look great with boots. Unfortunately, there is ZERO wind (and wind chill) protection. The fleece lined ones are super cozy and add a much needed layer of protection.

I was debating getting new Uggs vs. the Bean Boot. I couldn't decide if the leather of the so cozy Ugg would just get gross in the salt or if the Bean boot would be cozy enough. I've had a pair of Hunters, but have only worn them a few times (California drought). They seemed PERFECT for the snow and slush and I could buy cozy liners for them. Best. Decision. Ever. They even keep your pants dry, which the lower Bean boot doesn't.

I came down with a post holiday cold while we were in New Orleans. My first night back I woke up from how painful it was to breathe. It felt like my lungs were drying out. I pulled out the humidifier and it hasn't been off since. It makes my skin feel so much better too.

These are absolutely key for checking bus arrival times (and instagram) in the negative weather. You think 5 minutes in the cold wouldn't be to  horrible on your bare hands until you experience it.

Fresh Flowers
There is nothing better than coming back home after a long, freezing, dead, dry day to fresh blooms. A helpful reminder that spring is exactly 64 days away.

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