Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Links I'm Loving

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I've been in my head the past couple weeks. Planning, analyzing, problem solving and dodging anxiety fun. It could be because I'm more aware or open to advice or thoughts right now, but I've found SO many internet things this week I really connected with. I love a good, mindless internet surf session, but I was snapped out of the mindlessness so many times and it suprised me so I thought I'd share my internet findings.

As I've ramped up in my new job, I've found myself feeling a lot more drained. I used to feel this way a lot and not know why, now I realize my little introvert is rearing her head. It was relieving to hear I'm not the only one when I read these 7 tips for the Introverted Career Woman.  I'm going to start putting them more to use in my everyday life.

When I mix my type-A ness with my 'realist'-ness, I find myself struggling to understand what "just knowing" means. Santa. Jesus. Love. Friendship. All those things based on rumors or 'feelings' make me really uncomfortable.  Well....I mean we all know what happened with the whole Santa thing. I read this article on the Elite Daily and the questions really sunk in for me. I think whether you're choosing a friend or mate these are all good questions to help gauge the whole feeling thing. 

Honestly, I just heart the whole The Everygirl site right now

I have been  obsessed with getting to Paris in the very near future. I was even thinking about making it the destination for my birthday last year. There is a part of me that thinks its a bit silly though since I've been there and it is so accessible. There are plenty of more exotic places in the world to discover right now, why settle for Paris? I saw these article about 5 Places to Find Paris in Chicago while I was looking at the 7 introvert tips.  It could not be more perfect to my life right now. 

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