Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wrapping up 2015!

The holiday whirlwind is finally over. I spent the last 2 months settling nto a new job, traveling to 6 different states and entertaining my on-a-winter-break-from-grad-school boyfriend in my studio sized apartment. It was so great to come home to his face (and sometimes cooked dinner!) everyday, but it made time go by so quickly.

I posted this quote on Christmas but I thought it was so perfect:
"We ate well and cheaply 
and drank well and cheaply 
and slept warm and well together 
and loved each other." ~ Ernest Hemingway

We drove up to my parents house in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. It was a quick trip because he was severely allergic to their dog (I know...we had the 'But what if we can never get a dog!?' convo on the way home). We were able to stop in Madison for an impromptu Engagement party/ baby announcement on the way home {don't worry they were separate couples :) }. I have to say it is amazing to be there and experience these moments with my college friends. For so long I was so far away and felt so detached. It's exciting to be able to sit with them, see the smile on their faces and smile back.  On the same cheesy note, it was super weird/great to have the BF there. I realized he's the only person in my life who knows both my California and College friend in a similar context to me. It was kind of special.

The week before Christmas we headed to Denver for some winter festivities with his family. Not before we missed our flight and spent the day in Ohare though.  We literally ran through the exact same terminal that they did in Home Alone with Christmas decorations and all. When we got there it was fun to be able to actually experience Denver with him, I went back in September and he had gotten mono so a lot of it was spent by myself or with his parents.

We split for Christmas; I headed back to Chicago for 1 day to work and then braved the airport, once again to get to Florida where I spent Christmas with my family. I had packed for San Francisco weather since the pan handle is usually pretty temperate, it was crazy weather though. 80 degrees and 100% humidity.  Once I relaxed I was able to spend a day or 2 in the sun with a book. 

I made it back to Chicago for another quick trip. Luckily I made it before the big storm. It was my 29th Birthday and some of my local college girlfriends put together quite the day of sparkles, catching up, champagne and gold! It was probably my favorite birthday yet. The BF making his heroic arrival at the end of dinner through the snow storm and flight delays.

The BF and I then flew to New Orleans for New Years Eve. Neither of us had been before so we were ready for the full the experience. The food was absolutely delicious and we ended up staying in an AirBnb a block from the LaLaurie Mansion....which was a little terrifying once we found out. 

We went out to the Bayou one day to see alligators. Unfortunately, its the cold season so we were only able the eyes of one peaking out of the water. There were tons of cute little raccoons though. Our guide said they've tried to feed them so many items and the only thing they respond to is marshmallows.

I'm settled back in Chicago now attempting to get ducks in a row for 2016! 2015 was filled with lots of exciting events and tons of self discovery, I can't wait to see with 2016 will be about!

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