Thursday, August 16, 2012

Currently Crushing...

Lots going on this week and that means lots of things to love!

Febreze AntiMicrobial

I've always been a fan of Febreze, but that obsession may have just reached a new level with Febreze AntiMicrobial. There is just some peace of mind that comes knowing my running shoes not only smell good, but are also free of any microscopic critters

Ashley Brooke Designs Blog

Ashley Brooke
Ashley (self portrait on the right) is a fun, sassy southern gal with great style and a passion for good stationery and homemade popcorn (not microwave ladies).  Her blog has everything from recipes from her weekend baking adventures to style and career advice. She's also an amazing artist and sells her custom stationery and wall prints on her website. The Princess and the Tweet would look PERFECT  as a part of my office collage wall! She also does a, free, monthly calendar download that are always adorable. The August one is currently the desktop on my blackberry!

Home Design Magazines

I have been eating home design magazines alive (as well as pinterest and tumblr). I've been in super nesting mode lately...I even bought a dining room set. Talk about adult. I'm kind of freaking out!!

Avicii Levels Video (yes, I know it's old)

 I feel like this has been me all week and I'm so excited it's finally the weekend so I can let my crazy dance lady out!!

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