Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Inspiration

I've been fully inspired by the Monthly Goals that Teddi (aka the JGIWC) posts on her blog! I don't quite have a full list put together yet, but there is something I've been thinking about doing for a while and I think I might be ready to make public knowledge.....

Me (circa 2009) at the finish line  with my Tiffany Necklace
Back in April I was playing with the idea of registering for Nike Women's Half-Marathon for a second time. I ran it back in 2009 and I'm sure it's the funnest half out there! The training process was hard, but the day-of there is so much positive, team energy. Women come from all over the country to do it and thus it sells out every year! And nothing is more motivating than a Tiffany Necklace waiting to be handed to you by a Fireman when you cross the finish line! Anyway, I got caught up in work and trip planning and, needless to say, the registration (or the running) never happened. 

Last year I volunteered with the Junior League, at the St. Jude's US Half Marathon which is the first weekend of November and an absolutely gorgeous run through the Marina of San Francisco. Now that things have settled down after my trip, I'm feeling more confident in committing to running it. 

So.....I'm happy to announce my August goal is to start training for the US Half in November! 
Shape Magazine has a great training plan on their website and it's starting today! I'm doing the beginner plan since I haven't done anything besides the Bar Method I don't even remember :)
Wish me luck! I'll definitely keep you updated on the process!

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