Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: The Nutcracker

I realize this is pre-mature (only 2 days, but whatever). I am just too excited! One of my favorite Christmas things is the Nutcracker. I don't know why, I just started going when I moved out on my own. Kingsley and I went to my first one in San Francisco and I've been going every year since.
Maybe it's because they make it snow outside as you walk in and actually feels like Christmas.

I just bought tickets to take my Grandma and Aunt to the Joffrey's Nutcracker while I'm in Chicago this year and I'm so excited! The sparkles, the dancing and maybe even some REAL snow!

This is my favorite part: The Grand Pas De Deux. The music is absolutely beautiful, I could listen to it all day.....and maybe I have been :)

P.S. 33 more days 'til Christmas!

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  1. Remember the man who sat down next to us?? Kind of sketch, by himself (well, he did bring his travel guide with him...)! Kind of wish you were flying out here for Thanksgiving...I would have even found a way to deep fry a turkey for you (I feel like that's what they do here, right?!) Miss you!!!!