Monday, November 12, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Holiday Cards

I hope you've all received your December issue 'Real Simple' which includes a fabulous checklist of all the things you should be doing to minimize the stresses of the Holiday Season.
 First up on their list is to order your holiday cards by November 30th! I would say a little earlier to insure there are no bumps in printing or delivery, but that's just my anxiety prone self. 

Needless to say I've already begun my search for the cutest Holiday Card ever. Between Kate, Lilly, Ashley, Etsy & Minted I don't know how I'm ever going to make a decision!  Below are my favorites so far!

Kate Spade's 'Shine On' Holiday Card, because the holiday's are the best time to sparkle!!

Inside Reads: 'tis the Season to Sparkle

Love the Art-Deco lettering and fun Turquoise! A New Year's card is great for a neutral Holiday card and it gives you a little more time to get them out! Definitely the best choice if you're going to be busy entertaining for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas!

Inside Reads: Happy New Year

"Spread" The Cheer Cards from Kate as well, because who doesn't love some "cheesy" holiday humor?
Inside Reads: Spreading Good Cheer
Lilly Pulitzer's "Falalala Lilly" card is fun and sassy!

Ashley Brooke designs has a lot of fun, unique options as well! 
Both her "Favorite Things" & "Santa Baby" cards come in folding cards AND postcards!

She also offers gorgeous customizable cards for the couple and the single gal! She does have ADORABLE photo cards available, but what is more custom than a portrait of yourself??
They make me want to get a twirly skirt for all the upcoming Holiday Parties!!

Minted is a stationery/card website that allows you to design your own cards and share your designs with others (& vice versus). I found this card last year on Tumblr and fell in love with it! I sums up the holiday's perfectly for me! Maybe I'll suck it up and get it this year??

So now that I've shown you all these fabulous options where on earth can you find them?

Kate Spade's Cards: Nearest Kate Spade Store or Crane Stationery website
Lilly Pulitzer Cards: Lifeguard Press Website
Ashley Brooke Designs: In her Holiday Shop Of Course!

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