Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week has really demonstrated that my goal to try and be more positive about things is a lot harder than just saying that I am going to be. You actually have to change your perspective and, especially if you don't know anything else, it's hard! Trying is what counts though, right??

#1 People that Put Up with Me
As I said in my previous post, one of the reasons I chose to start being more optimistic is because I can be pretty negative sometimes. Yes, it makes me sassy and yes, sometimes I'm hilarious and yes, some times I'm a huge B and I can't even control it. Believe me I know it and believe me I get just as frustrated with myself about it as I'm sure people around me do. I'm slowly learning (and working on admitting) that this comes from sensitivity, maybe even an over sensitivity, but meanwhile there are few who have managed to weather the storm that is ever so often my personality. This week was a tough one and there is no way I could have gotten through without them. I don't tell them enough how thankful I am that they're there to put up with me, even more than I'm willing to put up with myself.

#2 Zicam
Superficial? Yes. Lifesaving? Also yes. Everyone at work has been battling a super cold and I woke up Tuesday with a hint of a sniffle. My ever so wise self, popped a Zicam and haven't sniffled (for cold related reasons) since. A former roommate and now close friend told me about it. I rolled my eyes and brushed it off as some crazy "california hippie thing". A few weeks and tissue boxes later, I was still struggling to breathe. So I sucked it up, tried one and have been hooked ever since. Take it at your first incling of a cold and you'll be golden!

#3 My Roommates
For those of you that actually know me on a daily basis, you are going to think this is a sign of the apocalypse  but it's true. I have been crazy busy lately with work,  Junior League, Theta, drinks with friends etc and my house has become a safe place of rest. Away from muggles and cold weather and things other than sweatpants and netflix. I've really needed to know that I have that place lately and, after going through a lot of craigslist crazies I feel like I'm FINALLY in place where it 110% is that place for me.

#4 My Old School Pajama Set
Yes, I'm talking cotton, button up top with matching pants. It's been chilly here at night and they keep me nice and warm. I've loved them so much I'm considering upgrading from my VS pair to J.Crew, monogrammed of course :)

#5 Christmas suggestion e-mails/texts from my Mom
Okay so maybe this one is a little greedy, but I'm allowed to cheat once right? Even though I don't want a "knock off keurig thats on sale for $39.99" it means she's looking for suggestions and it's time to start compiling my list!!

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